Oznaczenia ścianki bocznej opon



Alfa Romeo    AR, ARR   
Aston Martin    AM4, AM6, AM8, AM9, AMP, AMS, AMV

AMP Aston Martin / Pagani
AMS Aston Martin / Maserati

Dedykowany dla każdego modelu samochodu

Audi    AO, AO1, AOE    AOE oznacza "run flat"
Audi S and RS    RO1, RO2   
Bentley    B, B1, BC, BL    BC is comfort
BMW    *   
Alpina    ALP
Chrysler (Dodge) - C1
Daimler Chrysler - DC
Ford - F0
Ferrari    F, F01, F02, F03
Honda  - H0 
Jaguar    J, JRS   
Lamborghini    L, L1   
Land Rover/Range Rover    LR, JLR, LR2   
Lotus    LS   
Maserati    MGT   
Mclaren    MC, MC1, MC2   
Mercedes    MO, MO1, MOE, MO-V, M0, M1, M0E    MOE oznacza "run flat"
Pagani    HP   
Porsche    N0, N1, N2, N3, N4   
Tesla    T0   
Volvo    VOL
Volkswagen -V0

Grupa Goodyear

A0 Audi
B Bentley
BM Mini
DA Dacia
DC Daimler Chrysler
FO Ford
FO2 Ford
GM Hummer
HO Honda
HY Hyundai
J Jaguar
LA Lancia
LR Land Rover
MO Mercedes-Benz
N0 Porsche
OP Opel
PE Peugeot
RE Renault
RO1 Audi seria R i S
SK Skoda
TO Toyota
TO RR Toyota wersja RPA
VW Volkswagen




  • M+S, or M&S: Mud and Snow; A tire that meets the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) all-season tire definition.[19] These are commonly found on all-season tires, with self-cleaning tread and average traction in muddy or very snowy conditions, and for low temperatures. Spike tires have an additional letter, "E" (M+SE).
  • FP, RFP, MFS, RPB, FR, ML, FSL - Rant ochraniający felgę
  • RUN FLAT oznaczane równierz:
    ROF - Run ON FLAT
    MOE - Run Flat Mercedes
    Dunlop – DSST - (Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology)
    Goodyear – EMT - (Extend Mobility Tire)
    Hankook – HRFS - HRS - (Hankook RunFlat System)
    Michelin – PAX i ZP  - (Zero Pressure)
    Bridgestone – RFT (Run Flat Tyre)
    Pirelli – SSRF (Self-Supporting Run Flat)
    Continental – SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat)
    Toyo – TRF (Toyo Run Flat)
    Kumho – XRP (eXtended Run-Flat Performance)
    Yokohama – ZPS (Zero Pressure System)
    BMW – RSC (Runflat System Component)
  • M+T, or M&T: Mud and Terrain; Designed to perform in mud or on other terrain that requires additional traction such as on rocks, in deeper snow, and in loose gravel.
  • Mountain Snowflake Pictograph: Winter passenger and light truck tires that meet the severe snow service requirements of Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and Rubber Association of Canada (RAC).
  • BSW: Black SideWall
  • WSW: White SideWall
  • OWL: Outline White Lettering
  • ORWL: Outlined Raised White Lettering
  • RWL: Raised White Lettering
  • VSB: Vertical Serrated Band
  • BSL: Black Serrated Letters
  • E4: Tire approved according ECE-regulations, the number indicating the country of approval.
  • 030908: Approval number of the tire
  • DOT code: All tires for use in the USA have the DOT code, as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). It specifies the company, factory, mold, batch, and date of production (two digits for week of the year plus two digits for year; or two digits for week of the year plus one digit for year for tires made prior to 2000). Although not law, some tire manufacturers do not
    Tire manufactured in 10th week of 2001
    suggest using a "new" tire that has been sitting on the shelf for more than six years (Ford Motor Company) or 10 years (Cooper Tire citing a tire association recommendation).[20] JATMA, the Japanese Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association recommends that all tires be inspected at five years, and all tires that were manufactured more than ten years previous be replaced.[21]
  • TL: Tubeless
  • TT: Tube-type, tire must be used with an inner-tube
  • Made in ...: Country of production
  • C: Commercial; tires for light trucks (Example: 185 R14 C)
  • B: Bias belted; tires for motorcycles (Example: 150/70 B 17 69 H)—diagonal construction with belt added under the tread
  • SFI, or Inner: Side Facing Inwards; inside of asymmetric tires
  • SFO, or Outer: Side Facing Outwards; outside of asymmetric tires
  • TWI: Tread Wear Indicator; a device, such as a triangle or a small Michelin Man icon, located where the tread meets the sidewall. It indicates the location of the raised wear bars in between the tire tread channels.
  • LL: Light Load; tires for light usage and loads
  • SL: Standard Load; tire for normal usage and loads
  • XL: eXtra Load; a tire that allows a higher inflation pressure than a Standard Load tire, which increases the tire's maximum load
  • RF: Reinforced— norma Euro-metric oznacza to samo co XL czyli  Extra Load' - opona wzmocniona
  • RFT: Run-Flat Tire; Tires designed for vehicles without spare tires. Reinforced sidewalls allow the tire to be driven "flat" for a distance specified by the manufacturer (usually 50 miles).
  • ZP: Zero-Pressure; Michelin's branding for their run-flat models.
  • Arrows: Some tread designs are "directional", and designed to perform better when driven in a specific direction. Such tires will have an arrow showing which way the tire should rotate when the vehicle is moving forwards.
  • MO: Original tires for Mercedes-Benz
  • MOE: Mercedes-Benz Original Extended
  • N-x: Original tires for Porsche where "x" is a "0" for the first approved in that size, "1" the second, ...
  • Star: Original tires for BMW
  • RSC (inside a circle): BMW Runflat System Component
  • TPC: General Motors OE Fitments
  • AMx: Aston Martin OE Fitments
  • "100T": Commonly appears after tire size. Meaning: Standard Load Inflation Table (100) & Speed Rating (T)
  • "J": Jaguar Original Manufacturer fitment
  • To facilitate proper balancing, most tire manufacturers also mark red circles (uniformity) and/or yellow dots (weight) on the sidewalls of their tires to enable the best possible match-mounting of the tire/wheel assembly.

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